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Our goal is to break the misconceptions behind placebos and change the way people take medications to an older, safer, and proven model that incorporates both pharmaceuticals and honest placebos! 

We fully support traditional pharmaceuticals and understand the importance of these treatments in severe illnesses. 

We also understand the devastating biological effects these pharmaceuticals have on our bodies, our quality of life (short and long term), and our over-all productivity.

Without intention and a deep understanding of what is happening in our bodies biologically.

How all of the different ingredients from our food, drinks, supplements, antidepressants, other over-the-counter meds and pharmaceuticals are interacting with our organs and natural body systems.

There are dangerous biological consequences to taking pharmaceuticals.

To taking anything really (herbal supplements, sugar, coffee, antidepressants, just to name a few).

This is where honest placebos come in.

Over the past 50 years, doctors and scientists have been revisiting, studying, and aggressively testing the placebo effect.  They have discovered that it is not only psychological, meaning because we think the pain goes away, it does.  There is a very real and measurable biological change going on in our body.

For those of us who thought the placebo effect was just something in our head, that is correct. Partialy. There is more. Much more to this!

If you only have 3 minutes, here is the important information:


Biological Scalpel

No Side Effects

Safe to Take with Other Medications

Safe for Daily Use

Safe for All Ages, Young and Old.

Safe to Take During Pregnancy

Safe to Take with Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Work by Activating our Bodies Natural Biochemical Pathways

Pharmaceutical Drugs / Supplements

Work as a biological sledgehammer with many, harmful side effects

You can not control the effects these drugs will have on your body. You can’t say, I just want my headache to go away and no kidney overload. I just want the good and not the bad. You have to accept both.

Increase the risk for liver, kidney, and heart disease.

Many are not safe for children, people with pre-existing medical conditions, or during pregnancy.

So, why a placebo when I can take something created by the pharmaceutical giants? First off, because placebos have no side effects. You read this correctly, ZERO SIDE EFFECTS. The secret is in the ingredients! There are no side effects precisely because placebos contain no active ingredients!

Secondly, do not take sugar pills. This is not advised anymore due to high doses of sugar being bad for our health. Diabetes is one of the biggest pandemics of our time, and unfortunately it is not going away anytime soon. We advise taking honest placebos made with microcrystalline cellulose, a common additive found in most pharmaceuticals & supplements that is completely inert and does not affect blood sugar, so Diabetic friendly.

What is the difference between placebos and pharmaceuticals, besides the side effects? (Side note, if you have never looked into the side effects of the pills you take, go here and type in the name of what you taking….)

Ok breathe, we know. We had/have the same reaction. Are there really 30+ side effects for each pharmaceutical drug? YES! And many of the diseases like liver & kidney disease that the majority of people, worldwide not just North American, experience are exacerbated (made worst) by the very medication that is supposed to be healing us! Crazy we know… we agree… and we refuse to stand by and do nothing about it any longer!

Back on topic. What are the procedural, the experiential, the empirical differences between placebos and pharmaceuticals?

The difference. It takes no mental effort for pharmaceutical drugs to have effect. They overwhelm your system with chemicals that trigger the desired effect, plus about 6 or 10, sometimes 30+ other undesired effects like overloading the kidneys and liver, nausea, dry mouth, skin rashes, trouble sleeping, headaches, chane in appetite, the list goes on and on honestly.

Taking a placebo is similar to someone who learns how to manage their diet and workout correctly instead of just taking a weight loss pill. It takes a little bit of intention and mental energy, yes.

And once you learn how to eat correctly and workout correctly this knowledge, this power stays with you for life. You no longer are prey to the fad diets and false promises. You know how to take care of yourself correctly and in a healthy, sustainable manner.

Can I share a secret that really shouldn’t be a secret with you? Taking a pill is phase 3 of the healing process not phase 1. Let’s brake this down.

Phase 1 > You decide to see a doctor. Phase 2 > you take time off of work/ life and go see said doctor. Along the way you experience about 30 different positively engaging expectations ranging from checking in at the nurses station to waiting in the waiting room, the smell of the hospital/ doctors office, all the questions that nice/ not-so-nice nurse asks you, getting your vitals taken, the white coat of the doctor, ect. (All of these mental triggers are phase two). Phase 3 > you take your medication.

The act of taking your medication, phase 3, is the key that triggers the healing effects. Placebos, phase 3, are a subtle key that require a little bit of intention. Pharmaceuticals are also a key, nay a biological sledgehammer, that require absolutely zero intention. Whether you like it or not, something is going to happen. The downside, you can’t control what that something is. You can’t say, I just want my headache to go away and no kidney overload, mood swings, or gastric ulcers. I just want the good and non of the bad. It doesn’t work that way, biologically. I’m sorry, this is out of our control, this is outside the pharmaceutical giants control, this is biology, plain and simple.

As Alladin said to Jafar, “You wanted to be a genie [in our case- you want relief from symptoms] You got it!…. And everything that goes with it.” [30+ side effects and an increased chance of kidney and liver damage]. It doesn’t have to be this way. The answer, the key, is honest placebos.

Here is how to craft your own medication taking ritual:

(This is how to take any medication/supplement not just honest placebos)

  1. Get your honest placebos from a branded, trusted source
  2. Be Intentional: [For example, let’s say your lower back pain is a 6 out of 10 right now & realistically you would like it to be a 3 out of 10 today] or [you’ve been having a normal day, nothing crazy has happened, & your anxiety just skyrocketed out of nowhere to a 7 out of 10. You would like it to go back down to a 2 out of 10 like normal. ]
  3. Verbalize Your Intention: [ “I am taking this because my lower back pain is a 6 out of 10 & I want it to be a 3 out of 10 right now” ] or with the other scenario [“I am taking this to decrease my anxiety level from a 7 to a 2”]
  4. Keep a log (optional but recommended), including the intention you used. This will help you perfect what words (ritual) work for you specifically.

For maximum effect, we recommend using honest placebos in conjunction with other lifestyle changes such as:

Daily Exercise & Proper Sleep

Or just daily movement and stretching if your schedule, or a global pandemic, does not allow making it to a gym

With exercise comes rest. 6-8 hours of sleep if capable, if not, we recommend closing your eyes for a few minutes partway through the day

Proper Nutrition

Drink lots of water and eat balanced portions of vegetables, fruits, proteins, fats and reduce process foods, preferably no processed foods

Connecting With Your People

Go, be around close friends and family! Talk, Touch, Laugh, Play, Cry, Hug, Hang Out, Work Out, Study, Chill, Listen to Music, Read Together, just Be Together!

The latest research is showing that having a stable community (friends &/or family) is one of the best ways to overcome stress, anxiety, sudden changes in life, or hardships and decrease chronic pain. It doesn’t matter how big your community is, share the good and the bad times, don’t go through life alone!


For Pain Management


For Stress & Anxiety Management

Stay Curious, Stay Informed

There is a time and place for pharmaceuticals, for everything else there are placebos

Heal Naturally, Heal Responsibly

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