This is Biology Not Psychology

I take ‘Not Today‘ to help with the type of depression I’ve been dealing with since I was 12 (dysthymia) which doesn’t respond well to traditional treatments.

These are a godsend! Since I can’t get in to see my chiropractor, my lower back has been hurting pretty bad, ‘Analgia‘ helps tremendously!

“I have tried many different SSRIs and none had a positive outcome for me, in fact, they negatively impacted my sleep; a side effect that has lingered long after I stopped taking the SSRIs (in 2006). Not Today is the only thing that makes me feel normal.” -B.A.

“If I had known about ‘Analgia‘ before knee surgery, I would have started taking it then! SO GREAT.” – M.P.

I’m a retired nurse, and I have seen what prescription anxiety and sleeping pills do to people. With ‘Not Today’ there is no dependency and you will get a good night’s sleep, wake up refreshed, and have less anxiety. Love them!

“I have been training for big wall climbing for years and I really didn’t want something that would interfere with my performance. Bottom line, ‘Analgia’ works!” – V. P.

Analgia truly works on my hip pain that ibuprofen doesn’t help with. I like that there are no side effects!

I’ve had trouble getting to sleep since I was a child. I was finally prescribed Ambien which works well but can’t be used every day. I found ‘Not Today‘ and it is GREAT! I highly recommend it!

So, I came across these [‘Analgia’] and was like… there is ALWAYS a tummy ache. So, I bought them. BEST choice ever!

Are you taking Antidepressants, SSRI’s, mood enhancers, or depression medication?

Common side effects include poor sleep patterns, reduced appetite, low libido, feelings of sadness, emptiness, emotional outbursts, emotional blunting, irritability, nightmares, frustration, and a loss of interest in normal activities.

Have you taken the same pain meds for years on end?

Common side effects of other pain meds: indigestion, stomach ulcers, heartburn, constipation, gas, frequent belching, nausea, dizziness, migraines, drowsiness, itching, rashes, sweating, labored breathing, ringing in the ears, swelling of the legs, tightness in the chest, mood swings, depression, black, tarry stools, cloudy or bloody urine?

Are you a parent of a child struggling with chronic pain or injuries?

Children are more susceptible to medications and can develop a toxicity crisis due to pharmaceutical medications very easily

Are you an athlete?

Can you afford the common side effects of pain meds: stomach ulcers, constipation, nausea, dizziness, migraines, drowsiness, rashes, labored breathing, swelling of the legs, tightness in the chest, mood swings, bloody urine?

How will NOT TODAY change your life today?

How will ANALGIA change your life today?

NOT TODAY supports a healthy, natural biological response to stress and anxiety by activating our body’s innate biochemical pathways to calm our sympathetic nervous system and decrease cortisol levels!

NOT TODAY will not cause fatigue, restlessness, a change in appetite, slowed mental reactions, emotional blunting, or nightmares. It is safe to take with other medications & safe for daily use!

NOT TODAY is safe for all ages, young and old & does not negatively affect pre-existing health problems especially those related to the heart, kidneys, liver, GI system or diabetes. It is non-habit forming, effective, powerful, scientifically proven and cannot be overdosed on!

ANALGIA is part of a class of treatments that work on the descending pain modulatory system. ANALGIA supports a healthy, natural biological response to pain by activating our body’s innate biochemical pathways to decrease specific nerve firings that cause the sensation of pain!

Sleep Better and Be More Productive with our Potent Pain Management Formula that Promotes a Calming of the Nerve Pathways and Relaxation that will Help Improve Your Mobility and Movement for an All-Together More Productive and Enjoyable Day!

ANALGIA will not cause upset stomach, nausea, dry mouth, skin rashes, headaches, double vision. It is safe to take with other medications & safe for daily use!

Research has proven that ANALGIA & NOT TODAY:

Have No Biological Side Effects

Safe to Take with Other Medications

Safe for Daily Use

Safe for All Ages, Young and Old.

Safe to Take During Pregnancy

Safe to Take with Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Work by Activating our Bodies Natural Biochemical Pathways to Reduce Cortisol Levels and Calm Our Natural Pain Pathways

All of the Benefits, None of the Side Effects

Heal Naturally, Heal Responsibly