When you have a chronic condition you move through the world differently. You are intentional about EVERYTHING.

From the way you move, to the tiny adjustments you make in bed, and every pill that you take. You are intentional about how you interact with others.

We Understand You

Our Specialty is in Helping People with Chronic Symptom

We tap into the science of associative learning combined with honest placebos.

The purpose is to provide you with symptom relief from your chronic symptoms while also giving your body a brake from the many chemicals and side effects.

When faced with an acute flare-up, take your prescribed medications, go to a doctor, heal and get back to baseline. Afterward, continue with your new system, give your body a break from all the nagging side effects for a little bit.

This is Biology Not Psychology

This skill, this level of intentionality, gives you access to healing methods that others do not have. 

When you experience pain or anxiety, take ANALGIA or NOT TODAY as you normally would. To increase their effectiveness tap into your superpower, your intentionality.  

I want you to think about the pain/anxiety feedback loop a little differently. Think about it as happening in 3 steps, all of which you can influence, meaning you have more options for ways to control your pain/anxiety than simply taking a pill. 

Broaden your attention, your focus, from the discomfort to the process. 

Nothing in your actions changes, the difference is that you are looking at the forest instead of the tree. 

This expanded view allows you to see not just the pain [stimuli] but also the action [taking Analgia/Not Today] and finally the outcome [pain/anxiety relief], and how they are all combined.

Step 1: Verbalize Your Goal – “I want my chronic pain to decrease from a 6 to a 3”. 

Step 2: Select Your Action – “I am taking 2 ANALGIA capsules now. I can take 2 more in 4 hours if needed”. 

Step 3: Follow-through  – Consistently pairing your stimulus (chronic pain) with a specific action (taking ANALGIA) and the outcome (pain relief) will make managing your symptoms, over the long term easier and with fewer side effects. 

Once we see the process as more than simply, experience pain/anxiety take something for it, once we break it down to it’s components and realize that relief comes from more than just the pill. 

Relief comes from how we take the pill, why we take the pill, and how strong our expectations are for relief to actually arrive. 

The magic behind this process can be explained through the science of associated learning along with the science behind honest placebos, which can be further divided into intention and expectation. More on this here.

This is what is possible with Analgia and Not Today!

This is how NOT TODAY can change your life today

This is how ANALGIA can change your life today

NOT TODAY supports a healthy, natural biological response to stress and anxiety by activating our body’s innate biochemical pathways to calm our sympathetic nervous system and decrease cortisol levels!

NOT TODAY will not cause fatigue, restlessness, a change in appetite, slowed mental reactions, emotional blunting, or nightmares. It is safe to take with other medications & safe for daily use!

NOT TODAY is safe for all ages, young and old & does not negatively affect pre-existing health problems especially those related to the heart, kidneys, liver, GI system or diabetes. It is non-habit forming, effective, powerful, scientifically proven and cannot be overdosed on!

ANALGIA is part of a class of treatments that work on the descending pain modulatory system. ANALGIA supports a healthy, natural biological response to pain by activating our body’s innate biochemical pathways to decrease specific nerve firings that cause the sensation of pain!

Sleep Better and Be More Productive with our Potent Pain Management Formula that Promotes a Calming of the Nerve Pathways and Relaxation that will Help Improve Your Mobility and Movement for an All-Together More Productive and Enjoyable Day!

ANALGIA will not cause upset stomach, nausea, dry mouth, skin rashes, headaches, double vision. It is safe to take with other medications & safe for daily use!

Research has proven that ANALGIA & NOT TODAY:

Have No Biological Side Effects

Safe to Take with Other Medications

Safe for Daily Use

Safe for All Ages, Young and Old.

Safe to Take During Pregnancy

Safe to Take with Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Work by Activating our Bodies Natural Biochemical Pathways to Reduce Cortisol Levels and Calm Our Natural Pain Pathways

All of the Benefits, None of the Side Effects

Heal Naturally, Heal Responsibly