Stress Relief

A branded honest placebo made by professionals in the USA!

Our products are sourced, formulated, and created in an FDA registered US facility that undergoes and maintains Strict FDA Certifications and Regulations.

“Analyses of the published data and the unpublished data that were hidden by drug companies [about antidepressants] reveals that most (if not all) of the benefits are due to the placebo effect.” – Irving Kirsch, world leading researcher and professor on placebo studies


The full spectrum of Anxieties, Stress, Depression, Nervousness, Panic Attacks.

Sleep Better & Be More Productive with our Potent Mood-Enhancing & Stress Relieving Formula.

Promotes Calm & Relaxation of the Mind that will Help Improve Your Mood Naturally for an all-together More Productive & Enjoyable Day!

How does NOT TODAY work to relieve anxiety? 

NOT TODAY supports a healthy, natural biological response to stress and anxiety by activating our body’s innate biochemical pathways to calm our sympathetic nervous system and decrease cortisol levels!

Our body’s natural stress response is controlled by our sympathetic nervous system (SNS). When faced with a stress our sympathetic nervous system naturally:

· Releases a surge of the hormones: epinephrine, norepinephrine, & cortisol

· Increases blood pressure and heart rate

· Reduces blood flow to visceral organs & increases blood flow to our musculoskeletal system

· Temporarily inhibits our immune response, digestive & reproductive functions

Prolonged exposure to cortisol can increase feelings of stress, anxiety, and contribute to the development of depression.

Common symptoms of chronically high cortisol levels include poor sleep patterns, reduced appetite, low libido, feelings of sadness, emptiness, emotional outbursts, irritability, frustration, & a loss of interest in normal activities.

NOT TODAY supports a healthy, natural biological response to stress and anxiety by activating our body’s innate biochemical pathways to calm our sympathetic nervous system and decrease cortisol levels!

Advantages to using NOT TODAY

Does Not Cause Fatigue, Restlessness, Change in Appetite, Slowed Mental Reactions, Emotional Blunting, or Nightmares. Safe to Take With Other Medications and Safe for Daily Use

NOT TODAY activates our body’s natural biochemical pathways without causing any negative side effects common with other anti-depressants, stress or anxiety relievers, dopamine, & serotonin supplements. NOT TODAY will not cause fatigue, restlessness, a change in appetite, slowed mental reactions, emotional blunting, or nightmares. It is safe to take with other medications & safe for daily use!

NOT TODAY is safe for all ages, young and old & does not negatively affect pre-existing health problems especially those related to the heart, kidneys, liver, GI system or diabetes. It is non-habit forming, effective, powerful, scientifically proven and cannot be overdosed on!

NOT TODAY achieves stress relief, anxiety relief, mood enhancement, and better sleep safely and naturally, for an all-together more productive and enjoyable day!

NOT TODAY’S Branded Pain Management Formula is:

Safe for all ages from kids to seniors to athletes!

Non-habit forming and cannot be overdosed on!

Diabetic Friendly – Heart Friendly – Blood Pressure Friendly

Kidney & Liver Friendly!

Designed to be taken daily with no adverse effects!

Effective even if the root cause of anxiety is unknown!

Strict FDA Certifications and Regulations Met by All Manufacturers and Suppliers!

Discover why more and more people are turning to honest placebos for relief!

For maximum effect, we recommend using NOT TODAY in conjunction with other lifestyle changes such as:

Connecting With Your People

Go, be around close friends and family! Talk, Touch, Laugh, Play, Cry, Hug, Hang Out, Work Out, Study, Chill, Listen to Music, Read Together, just Be Together!

The latest research is showing that having a stable community (friends &/or family) is one of the best ways to overcome stress, anxiety, sudden changes in life, or hardships. It doesn’t matter how big your community is, share the good and the bad times, don’t go through life alone!

Daily Exercise & Sleep

Or just daily movement and stretching if your schedule, or a global pandemic, does not allow making it to a gym

With exercise comes rest. 6-8 hours of sleep if capable, if not, we recommend closing your eyes for a few minutes partway through the day

Proper Nutrition

Drink lots of water and eat balanced portions of vegetables, fruits, proteins, fats and reduce process foods, preferably no processed foods


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