Pain Relief

A branded honest placebo made by professionals in the USA!

Our products are sourced, formulated, and created in an FDA registered US facility that undergoes and maintains Strict FDA Certifications and Regulations.

All of the Benefits, None of the Side Effects

60 count 1,000 Mg capsules for:

Back Pain, Arthritis Pain, Joint Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Knee Pain, Migraines, Headaches, Muscle Aches, Shoulder Pain, Sports Injuries, Work Injuries, Training Injuries.

Sleep Better and Be More Productive with our Potent Pain Management Formula that Promotes a Calming of the Nerve Pathways and Relaxation that will Help Improve Your Mobility and Movement for an All-Together More Productive and Enjoyable Day!

How does ANALGIA work to relieve pain?

ANALGIA supports a healthy, natural biological response to pain by activating our body’s innate biochemical pathways to decrease specific nerve firings that cause the sensation of pain!

ANALGIA is part of a class of treatments that work on the descending pain modulatory system.  (For a more detailed explanation on how the pain pathways work, check out How Pain Works).

Here’s the quick 1 minute rundown:

Tissue Damage (Stimulus): can be mechanical (pressure, puncture, or cut) or chemical (burns).

Nociceptors (sensory neuron that responds to damage) senses the stimulus then send a signal to the central nervous system.  This signal is passed along several neurons (1st, 2nd, 3rd order neurons) within the central nervous system that go from the outer parts of our body (peripheri) to our spinal cords, then connect with different areas of our brain.

Stimulus reception & processing in the brain: The stimulus signal is processed by several areas of the brain which then turn on the sensation, “I Feel Pain”. 

Return Signal: Once the brain has decided to, ‘feel’ pain (yes you feel pain in your brain and not at the actual site of injury) a signal is sent back to the area of damage using the spinothalamic tract (similar pathway that sent the original stimulus with similar 1st, 2nd, 3rd order neurons). 

Follow on bodily actions: Immune functions are activated causing inflammation, reddening, swelling, increased temperature, and a change in sensation from sharp pain to a more dull feeling of pain. 

The descending pain modulatory system is controlled by a complex array of neurotransmitters, including norepinephrine, serotonin, GABA, and endogenous opioids that are thousands of times stronger than morphine.  Oxytocin, which is released from the hypothalamus in seemingly all pro-social contexts (including, physical touch & holding hands), also plays an important inhibitory role.

These modulatory signals, initiated by the relase of neurotransmitters, descend down the spinal cord to block ascending nociceptive signals (stimulus signals coming from the injury) and muscle reflexes.  This modulation can either increase or decrease the level of pain felt.

Taking ANALGIA activates these naturally occurring neurotransmitters to safely and effectively inhibit pain signals and decrease the sensation of pain.

Advantages to using ANALGIA

ANALGIA activates our body’s natural biochemical pathways without causing any negative side effects common with other pain relievers. ANALGIA will not cause an upset stomach, heartburn, nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, ringing in the ears, skin rashes, dry mouth, damage to the liver, kidneys, or affect the respiratory system in any way.  It is safe to take with other medications & safe for daily use!

ANALGIA is safe for all ages, young and old & does not negatively affect pre-existing health problems especially those related to blood pressure, the heart, kidneys, liver, GI system or diabetes. It is non-habit forming, effective, powerful, scientifically proven and cannot be overdosed on!

ANALGIA achieves pain relief, safely and naturally, for an all-together more productive and enjoyable day!

ANALGIA’S Branded Pain Management Formula is:

Safe for all ages from kids to seniors to athletes!

Non-habit forming and cannot be overdosed on

Free of heavy metals & other chemicals

Diabetic Friendly – Heart Friendly – Blood Pressure Friendly

Kidney & Liver Friendly!

Designed to be taken daily with no adverse effects

Effective even if the root cause of pain is unknown

Strict FDA Certifications and Regulations Met by All Manufacturers and Suppliers

What do kids do when they hurt themselves? They run to mom to kiss their injury and the pain goes away! This is true even in today’s modern medicine world!

Analgia is a mothers’ kiss, just in a pill!

ANALGIA IS THE FUTURE of over-the-counter pain medication!

Discover why more and more people are turning to honest placebos for relief!

For maximum effect, we recommend using ANALGIA in conjunction with other lifestyle changes such as:

Connecting With Your People

If you want true pain relief, incorporate stress relief techniques into your normal medication regiment for maximum effect.  The best way to do this is through your community.

Go, be around close friends and family! Talk, Touch, Laugh, Play, Cry, Hug, Hang Out, Work Out, Study, Chill, Listen to Music, Read Together, just Be Together!

Physical touch is extremely beneficial to humans.  Holding someone’s hand, play, or a massage will release oxytocin (promotes trust, bonding, & a feeling of safety), dopamine, & serotonin (both important in mood regulation and stress relief).  Due to the release of these powerful hormones heart rate and blood pressure are both decreased and the intensity of the sensation of pain is also decreased greatly.

Daily Exercise & Sleep

Or just daily movement and stretching if your schedule, or a global pandemic, does not allow making it to a gym

With exercise comes rest. 6-8 hours of sleep if capable, if not, we recommend closing your eyes for a few minutes partway through the day

Proper Nutrition

Drink lots of water and eat balanced portions of vegetables, fruits, proteins, fats and reduce process foods, preferably no processed foods


We welcome your input, experience, and expertise. Tell us, what can we do to support you right now? What are we missing? What are we doing right? How can we craft a better, safer, more effective healing experience together?