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Placebo Effect in the Hands of a Doctor

“Placebos are extraordinary drugs.  They seem to have some effect on almost every symptom known to mankind. They have no serious side effects and cannot be given in overdose.  In short, they hold the prize for the most adaptable, protean [able to assume multiple forms], effective, safe, and cheap drugs in the world’s pharmacopeia.”

-Robert Buckman, clinical oncologist, and professor of medicine.

Our goal is to break the misconceptions behind placebos and change the way people take medications to an older, time-tested, safer, and proven model that incorporates both pharmaceutical drugs and honest placebos! 

Did You Know: about 90% of pharmaceuticals fail the FDA process precisely because they can not outperform placebos.

New treatments are pitted against placebos, with two possible outcomes. If the drug excels, which is rare as only about 10% pass the FDA trials, the placebo’s potential benefits are overlooked and the drug is widely promoted. But if the drug underperforms, billions are lost and the placebo is blamed, dismissing it as “just” a placebo effect. This outcome highlights our oversimplified view of the complex role placebos play in our medical system.

The true essence of medicine never sidelines the placebo effect; it thrives alongside our treatments. Far from a mere response to an inert pill, it acts as the crucial framework upon which medical outcomes rest. This realization should prompt a change in how we think about medicine. We need to move beyond just comparing.

There is a time and place for pharmaceutical medications, this is to help treat a disease or acute injury. For chronic, everyday pains and problems, honest placebos are better suited and have been proven to be effective.

Recent studies have shown that centenarians’ (100+ years old) superpower is to delay the onset of major disease processes rather than endure them longer. When they do face such diseases and injuries, their journeys become much like ours.

The research shows – for a healthier, longer, and better quality of life- reducing bodily stressors is an absolute must. While we can’t control all of life’s stressors, we can control the chemical stressors from what we put in our bodies.

While medications and supplements (even herbal roots and natural plants) can offer benefits, they also add strain to our organs like our kidneys and liver. Even all-natural, holistic supplements have an effect on our bodies and can interact negatively with certain medications (even some over-the-counter medications).

Let’s think about it this way: prescribed and over-the-counter medications can be thought of as chemical sledgehammers. Yes, we get relief from our symptoms but along with that we also get a bunch of unwanted, and highly destructive side effects.

With pharmaceuticals, we can not choose just the good but not the bad. That’s not how biology works. If you flood your body with chemicals, things will happen and we do not get to choose what those things are.

While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of those actions. Consequences are governed by natural law.”

Stephen Covey

Honest placebos have absolutely no biological side effects, by their very nature, if they did they could not be considered honest placebos.

Honest placebos do have a positive, biologically measurable effect on our symptoms. You will feel better after taking an honest placebo. If pharmaceuticals are a sledgehammer honest placebos are a scalpel. It takes a little bit more intention, knowledge, and precision to effectively wield a scalpel but the payoff is that you don’t damage everything, as with the sledgehammer.

Honest placebos can be taken with any other medications and supplement (most herbal and natural supplements can not be taken while you are taking other medications, because they have negative interactions with many other drugs and supplements).

Honest Placebos are:

Safe for all ages, from children to seniors

Can be taken daily

Safe to take during pregnancy and while breast feeding

Safe to take even if you have a pre-existing health condition

Kidney Friendly – Liver Friendly – Diabetes Friendly

Blood Pressure Friendly -Heart Friendly

Safe even if you have a history of mental health complications

There is a time and place for pharmaceuticals, for everything else there are placebos

Heal Naturally, Heal Responsibly